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Capability Building and Training

Build capability within company personnel, so that internally everyone understands the value of social accountability and how to implement it in daily business operations.

At OSA we believe in empowering our clients so that they can develop and implement effective social accountability. OSA provides our clients, you, with tailored social accountability training and tools to build capability within your company and daily operations so that you can meet your social responsibilities and the expectations of your most important resource -  your crew, skippers and company personnel.

Companies empower their personnel to self-assess against our indicators using the OSA easy to use tools on a real-time basis. The OSA Model operates in an open, transparent, collective and inclusive way so that companies take charge of their own social accountability implementation.

OSA can deliver tailored training to your people about the OSA system and about the social accountability expectations of the various global standards and guidelines. With our multi-national team who are experienced at working globally, we can co-create with you training that is adapted, appropriately structured, and delivered in a culturally empathetic manner to ensure your people effectively learn. OSA can deliver  tailored methodological training that is adapted to fishing and aquaculture operations using ISO19011:18, the Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. Terra Moana and Seafood Matter have also partnered with Social Accountability International to deliver SA8000 training that was adapted to fishing operations.

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OSA's Marcelo Hidalgo in action!

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