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The Challenge

Creating solutions in a complex environment.

  • Harmonisation of all the crew on-board guidance,  human rights conventions and social accountability standards is needed to support fisheries and markets meaningfully address worker conditions.

  • Globally there is not yet an auditable standard.​

    • Social conditions in fishing is addressed under the International Labour Organisation Convention 188 (Work in Fishing) and a number of other related protocols and criteria, and the FAO are developing Guidelines, but there is no standard. 

  • Increased governmental scrutiny and compliance requirements.

    •  Increased civil society scrutiny and calling out of bad actors.​​

    • One RFMO (WCPFC) has a Labour Standards Resolution.

    • ​​Demonstrating good social conditions on fishing vessels is becoming a condition of market & resource access. 

    • ​Social issues are in the media spotlight. Meaningfully addressing these issues can add value to a product’s provenance and boost sales if approached credibly.​

    • Compliance costs must be balanced by compliance benefits.

    • Investment in improvements can deliver returns in performance.

  • Requires openness, transparency, acceptance and implementation. 


  • Needs to be relevant, applicable, practical and flexible.


OSA has risen to meet these challenges.

Get On-Board the OSA journey!

21 Million

people are trafficked or in a form of forced labour on fishing vessels. 

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