OSA Think Pieces

On-board Social Accountability (OSA) International has been developed to empower the seafood sector itself to be able to improve the treatment of personnel on-board fishing vessels and in
aquaculture operations as their places of work.

Social accountability issues in the supply-chains of commercial seafood production are becoming increasingly important, with growing awareness about workers and their working conditions, whether in processing operations, aquaculture or at-sea harvest operations (labour on board).

OSA is pleased to have partnered with WWF and PhD candidate Bianca Haas to have prepared this information paper for WCPFC-17. WCPFC is the only RFMO to have a resolution addressing labour rights and it will be important to develop this into a binding conservation management measure, as Indonesia is proposing.


OSA is committed to supporting WCPFC member nations and companies that fish in the WCP to assess their social accountability and where necessary to develop policies and procedures and to build capability across their people.