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Alpine Rose Brailing onboard tuna vessel

On-board Social Accountability (OSA) International has been developed to empower the seafood sector itself to be able to improve the treatment of personnel on-board fishing vessels and in
aquaculture operations as their places of work.

Social accountability issues in the supply-chains of commercial seafood production are becoming increasingly important, with growing awareness about workers and their working conditions, whether in processing operations, aquaculture or at-sea harvest operations (labour on board).


OSA is pleased to have partnered with WWF and PhD candidate Bianca Haas to have prepared this information paper for WCPFC-17. WCPFC is the only RFMO to have a resolution addressing labour rights and it will be important to develop this into a binding conservation management measure, as Indonesia is proposing.



OSA's article on social accountability at Sea for INFOFISH International 


This article was first published in the INFOFISH International, Issue 3/2021 (May/June 2021).


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