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Papua New Guinea

Fishing Industry Association

“In Frabelle it is the people who make our business strong. We are committed to ensuring their working conditions are exemplary. We all need to love our work. At Frabelle we recognise that people who are cared for better care for each other, the product they make and the environment we are privileged to fish in. We are pleased to have engaged OSA International to support our on-board conditions improvement journey.” 


Francisco Tiu Laurel Jr. President, Frabelle Fishing Corporation


PNG FIA has MSC for their tuna fishery and needs to meet leading edge global social responsibility expectations to underpin a fully sustainable brand – i.e. socially, environmentally and economically.


Simultaneously social conditions on board fishing vessels and in seafood processing facilities have come under intense scrutiny by advocacy organisations, and e.g. through the US Government annual Trafficking in Persons reports. They also must stay ahead of the game given WCPFC resolution 2018-01 on Labour Standards For Crew On Fishing Vessels and Harmonised Minimum Terms and Conditions.


Social assessment is at the forefront of global tuna fleet labour onboard practices through enabling higher level competence, implementation and transparency.


PNG FIA approached us to support their Social Condition improvement journey for their members.

We delivered the first assessment to PNG FIA member - Frabelle Fishing in Lae Port, Papua New Guinea and delivered a training in social accountability to Frabelle personnel and representative for PNG FIA at the same time.

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