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Our Solution

The OSA model is specific to labour on board seafood operations and that fishing companies can manage in one single system. OSA also has capability in aquaculture operations but it is in sea fishing operations where OSA is initially focussed.

OSA can risk-assess jurisdictions, fisheries, fleets and vessels and provide an overview of where best to begin.


The On-board Social Accountability (OSA) Model encompasses over 20 indicators that meet leading international labour welfare standards and guidelines. These are adapted specifically to seafood operations including at sea fishing vessels, aquaculture & processors.


Through OSAs capability building approach, companies empower their personnel to self-assess against the Model’s Indicators using the OSA easy to use tools on a real-time basis. The OSA Model operates in an open, transparent, collective and inclusive way so companies are taking charge of their own social accountability and have the necessary support to meaningfully progress.

To ensure compliance and independence, this is then checked through an OSA periodic assessment to verify the results. Following this, companies can then showcase their results and improvements to clients, buyers, industry association peers, RFMOs and over time, on the OSA database for the market to see.


The OSA model will also provide fishing companies with better data and analytics to improve their vessel and/or fleet performance and productivity.  By monitoring their crew conditions, fishing companies can better manage human resource performance.

The OSA model is:

  • A Risk Assessment Framework

  • A unique On-board and Company-wide social assessment.

  • Factors in all major Conventions, Standards and Criteria, including from NGOs.

  •  Is delivered in two parts: 


  • Vessel operations (17 Sections, 110 Criteria and 220 Answers)

    • Across ILO188, 138, 182, MSC, SA8000, Certification Ratings Collaboration

  • ​ Company management (3 Sections, 25 Criteria and Answers)

    • ​Uses MSC, BSCI, Clear Voice, RFS, Naturland, Clearview, SSRT and ILOC188


  • Is scored at both levels to provide clients/fishing companies with a before and after view over two assessments (Initial and Follow up) enabling them to demonstrate improvements made and to clearly identify gaps to address. OSA can support the development of Policies and Procedures in the meantime that are consistent with international frameworks and key buyer specifications.


  • OSA can underpin this with support tailored personnel training and capability building.


  • Improvement value can be calculated to assess company financial bottom line and return on investment benefits.

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