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OSA believes in delivering benefits back to companies 

  • Imagine being able to understand and validate how your best vessels or fleet operates - how the crew perform, their accident rate, fuel consumption, crew health and nutrition, skipper performance, retention rate, catch levels, bycatch levels etc. 

  • Then, imagine being able to apply all this data to all your other vessels or fleets to improve their productivity and efficiency by adjusting their operational practices, processes and procedures to deliver maximum productivity.

  • Finally, imagine having buyers choose your product from your company because they can see what you have done to track and improve social accountability on board your vessels.

Our Programme

The OSA approach is specific to labour on board seafood operations that fishing companies, buyers and markets can manage in one single system.

The On-board Social Accountability (OSA) Model encompasses a robust multi-tiered in-depth assessment, risk analysis and training programme with over 20 indicators that meet leading international labour welfare standards and guidelines. Adapted and tested since 2014 specifically to seafood operations including vessels, aquaculture & processors.

The OSA Programme has a multi-tiered approach which is tailored for clients to enter at any level depending on their requirements and to understand their social accountability risk at the appropriate level.

Risk assessment 

  • Tier 1: Country level

  • Tier 2: Fleet, gear and fishing location level

  • Tier 3: Company/vessel level

Full Assessment Framework & Management System

  • Tier 4: Robust audits of onsite vessel(s) and company operations through the OSA Full Assessment of the company Social Accountability Management System, accompanied (as required) by tailored personnel training and capability building. 

Our Services

For each of the tiers, clients can expect tangible benefits from our services.

Risk Assessments (Entry Level)

Tier 1

Country Level

Tier 2

Fleet, gear &

fishing Level

Tier 3

Company &

Vessel Level

Full Assessment

Tier 4

Onsite vessel(s) & companies audits


Understand where you are on the social accountability improvement journey and benchmark against social accountability indicators.

Creatives Discussing Project

Support you to develop a management system beyond certification.

Capability Building

Build capability within company personnel to understand the value of social accountability and apply company policy and procedures.

Market Transparency

Enable the market and public to see how social accountability in fishing operations is being addressed.

Comparative Analysis

Provide data to companies to understand how vessels are performing and what areas to invest in to improve performance.

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