Our People

Passionate about this initiative, we have an excellent team.

We provide services at the forefront of change, bringing a powerful blend of diverse expertise and experience ranging from environmental NGOs and industry through to research, science and government. Collectively, we have over 150 years’ combined experience in sustainable seafood working across over 60 countries. We have specialist technical expertise - social, fishery assessment, market, operations, stakeholder engagement, policy development and environment. ​We bring tailored, best-practice evidence, assessment and valuation methodologies to underpin and enable sound decision-making.

  • Our personnel have specialist technical expertise in:

    • seafood operation auditing,

    • social condition assessment,

    • fishery assessment,

    • market, operations, stakeholder engagement,

    • policy and procedure development,

    • chain of custody auditing,

    • sustainability, marine conservation and environmental management, and;

    • financial and economic analysis including well-being based models for social and environmental return on investment (i.e. full Environment, Social Governance).

Meet The Team


Marcelo Hidalgo

Training & Development

Dr Transform Aqorau

International Tuna

Policy & Management

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