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​Our Approach

The OSA programme is covered by a multi-tiered approach and tailored for clients to enter at any level depending on their requirements and understand social accountability risk at those levels.


Risk Assessment 

  • Tier 1: Country level

  • Tier 2: Fleet, gear and fishing location level

  • Tier 3: Company/vessel level

Full Assessment Framework & Management System

  • Tier 4: Robust audits of onsite vessel(s) and company through the full assessment framework and management system, training and capability building. 

  • Companies empower their personnel to self assess against our indicators using the OSA easy to use tools on a real-time basis. The OSA model operates in an open, transparent, collective and inclusive way so companies are taking charge of their own social accountability.

  • To ensure compliance and independence, this is then checked through an OSA periodic assessment to verify the results. Following this, companies can then showcase their results and improvements to clients, buyers, industry association peers, RFMOs and over time, on the OSA database for the market to see.


  • The OSA model will also provide fishing companies with better data and analytics to improve their fleet productivity.  By monitoring their crew conditions, fishing companies can manage performance of their human resource.

Risk Assessments (Entry Level)

Tier 1

Country Level

Tier 3

Company &

Vessel Level

Tier 2

Fleet, gear &

fishing Level

Full Assessment

Tier 4

Audit onsite vessel(s) & companies

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