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Marine Stewardship Council​ (MSC)

OSA is delighted to be a recipient of the MSC’s Ocean Stewardship Fund for a project designed to assess and improve fishery observer safety globally.


RD fishing crew onboard interview.jpg

This project will review fishery observer programmes globally and provide recommendations to ensure that observers are working in safe conditions while at-sea.


Fisheries observers are independent specialists who work on fisheries vessels as part of at-sea monitoring programs. Observers collect vital data that are essential for the sustainable management of fisheries, such as recording bycatch.   


But fishing boats can be dangerous workplaces, and observers may find themselves in unsafe conditions with limited options to be rescued or get medical help. In July 2020, the MSC designated £100,000 of the Ocean Stewardship Fund towards improving global best practice to secure a safe working environment for fishery observers. 


This Innovation Fund grant will help identify ineffective policies that may be leading to unsafe observer working conditions and will recommend areas where management could be improved. The review will consider observer programmes operating worldwide whether in MSC certified fisheries and non-certified fisheries.   

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