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Comparative Analysis

Provide data to companies to understand how vessels are performing and what areas to invest in to improve social accountability and more.

The OSA Model will improve transparency for companies, vessels, fleets, supply chain buyers, retailers, governments and civil society. First and foremost, it will provide valuable performance data back to the company to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of their workforce.

If you are in business, wouldn't you want to clone your best performer? 

  • Imagine being able to understand and validate how your best vessels or fleet operates - how the crew perform, their accident rate, fuel consumption, crew health and nutrition, skipper performance, retention rate, catch levels, bycatch levels etc. 

  • Then, imagine being able to apply all this data to all your other vessels or fleets to improve their productivity and efficiency by adjusting their operational practices, processes and procedures to deliver maximum productivity.

Imagine having the answers at your fingertips!

Why does this work crew so fast?

Comparative Analysis

What keeps this skipper here for 50 years?

Why is this vessel better than my other vessel?

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