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Austral Fisheries​

“It is critical that leading seafood companies strive to improve the treatment of all personnel across their operations. We learnt a lot in the Austral project with Terra Moana and Seafood Matter and appreciated their diligent approach.”  *Terra Moana and Seafood Matter has since formed OSA with other marine experts and continues to engage with Austral.


Martin Exel – GM Environment and Policy, Austral Fisheries 

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© Austral Fisheries

Austral Fisheries wanted to review and assess their operations and provide insights into their crewing arrangements and improvement recommendations to meet international best practice for crew onboard their Patagonian Toothfish Southern Ocean fishing vessels.

We collaborated to provide:

  • an overview of international best practice and major market expectations for leading, international, and publicly available social conditions on fishing vessels.

  • an overview assessment of the social arrangements and conditions as documented in Austral Fisheries’ policies and procedures for crew on board the Patagonian Toothfish fleet.

  • an initial overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Austral’s policies and procedures and where they sit in terms of that international context.

  • recommended next steps to ensure Austral could meet those market expectations and the emerging social accountability standards and welfare of crew guidance.


The OSA tier 4 benchmark assessment has before and after review steps.  We are very proud that our first major client Austral fisheries made the full report of the second step public.  This clearly shows the improvements they made between the first step and the second. Note; the work with Austral was done by OSA cofounders Terra Moana and Seafood matter and lead to the establishment of OSA. Click their logo to access the report.  

Furthermore, Austral's journey with OSA enabled it to complete the Australian gov modern slavery statement. Austral's disclosure brings greater transparency.

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