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Risk Assessment​ & Audits

Understand where you are and benchmark against leading international labour welfare standards and guidelines.

Our multi-tiered assessment approach ensures that clients have a tailored package of services to enable them to enter at the appropriate level depending on their requirements.

Risk Assessment 

The first three tiers of the OSA Programme are initial risk assessments at the Country, Fleet, and/or Company level. Clients can choose which tier to enter based on their appetite for risk and level of available information. It allows clients to understand the social accountability risk of third party products.

  • Tier 1: Country level

  • Tier 2: Fleet, gear and fishing location level

  • Tier 3: Company/vessel level

The risk assessment is a robust and detailed process providing trust and confidence for clients. The robust assessment & analysis outcomes are provided through various touchstone verification points. It is an easy and simple way to understand risk outcomes (low, medium, precautionary, high). Most importantly it is a rapid and cost effective solution for:

  • Third party supply chains (retailers, consumer facing outlets (cafes, restaurants, etc.)).

  • NGOs (WWF, Greenpeace, PEW, MSC, ASC, Global Fishing Watch, Transparency Int. etc)

  • Fisheries Improvement Projects

  • Aquaculture Improvement Projects

  • Supplier Improvement Projects

  • Feed mills

​Full Assessment Framework & Management System

Tier four of the OSA Programme is a robust audit of onsite vessel(s) and company operations against full assessment framework.

We also design our collaborations with companies to empower their personnel to self-assess against our indicators using the OSA easy to use tools on a real-time basis. The OSA Model operates in an open, transparent, collective and inclusive way so companies take charge of their own social accountability.


To ensure compliance, independence and verification, the OSA Model is triangulated with data analysis, interviews and on-site observations. When confident, companies can showcase their results and improvements to their clients, buyers, industry association peers, RFMOs, and over time, on the OSA database for the market to access.


The OSA Model provides companies with a complete before and after picture of how they have improved their social accountability over time using our unique OSA Scoring and Improvement System.

Compliance % 

before & after

"See your Social Accountability clearly improve."

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