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Treating people better on board fishing vessels

Let’s work together to make all fishing vessel operations free from human rights abuses.

On-board Social Accountability (OSA) will make a real difference to improving working conditions, well-being and livelihoods in global seafood production.


OSA will use its unique independent on-board social accountability expertise, management systems, and assessment and capability building tools to ensure that leading fishing companies, market players, major buyers, NGOs and RFMOs, are able to ensure decent and dignified working conditions through adopting global best practices and implementing the OSA Model and Management System.


OSA also has capability, expertise and experience to support aquaculture operations to develop, implement and assess social accountability.


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Risk Assessments

& Audits

Management System Support

Capability Building & Training

Market Transparency

Comparative Analysis


World's first full on-board social

accountability management system

We support companies to meet their social responsibilities and expectations for their most important resource, their people - crew, skippers and company personnel!

The On-board Social Accountability (OSA) Model encompasses 20 indicators from leading international labour welfare standards and guidelines. These are adapted specifically to seafood operations including vessels, aquaculture & processors.


The OSA Model will improve transparency for companies, fleets, retailers, governments and civil society. It will also provide valuable performance data back to the company to improve the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce.

The OSA global reporting system will enable key stakeholders (market, buyers and NGOs) to understand how seafood bought from specific companies, countries or regions perform against the OSA indicators.

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“Austral Fisheries strives to be ahead of the pack. We found the detailed assessment and capability building approach of Terra Moana and Seafood Matter very helpful. We are excited to see them launch OSA International Ltd.”

David Carter – CEO, Austral Fisheries

“In Frabelle it is the people who make our business strong. We are committed to ensuring their working conditions are exemplary. We are pleased to have engaged OSA International to support our on-board conditions improvement journey.”

Francisco Tiu Laurel Jr.

President, Frabelle Fishing Corporation

Chairman, World Tuna Purse Seine Organisation


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Latest News

OSA presented at the World Fisheries Congress 20 - 24 Sept 2021

Katherine Short presents

Wed 22 Sept 1:15pm - 2:45pm Track 7. 

Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) 

OSA has partnered with KIWA

to deliver ISO19011:18

capability building in

Spain and Spanish speaking markets.

August 2021

OSA receives MSC Ocean Stewardship Grant for

Observer Safety

Apr 2021

TUNACONS Capability Building

Apr 2021

RD Fishing undergoing a comprehensive social on-board assessment

Dec 2020

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